Spooky Scary Things

*How did you get interested in the paranormal?

As soon as I moved into my current home when I was 6 where I have spent most my life, I immediately became drawn to the idea of ghosts and the paranormal. Being a child and barely understanding death never mind the afterlife, it was a very strange thing to be “possessed” by. I started checking out everything I could from the library about ghosts and the paranormal (which eventually branched out into things like werewolves and legends- whatever was in that section of the library) and started watching historical “ghost shows” with my Dad on channels like Travel, Discovery, etc. just before the big boom of the ghost hunting reality shows, and subsequently watched those too. I believe this interest in the paranormal came because there was a spirit in the new house trying to communicate to me.

*What are some of your experiences with the supernatural?

In reference to the spirit trying to communicate with the child-me, I think there was a young boy that died while living in the house that probably just wanted to play with the new little girl in his home. So he, I think, kept doing things to get my attention- sometimes forming in my room in a mist-like shape, sometimes slamming doors or opening cabinet doors when no one was home in the dead of winter with no wind, my name being whispered in my ear, things like that. The last thing I saw was in 7th grade, where a shadow man was standing over my bed. He was not like this nicer spirit I had seen before, and I got an awful feeling from him- he was leaning over me, in my face, and he was almost menacing. I don’t know who he could’ve been, and I didn’t see him before or since. I also haven’t felt the other presence since. But I’m not the only one that’s experienced things in my home, despite my parents themselves not seeing much besides shadows out of the corners of their eyes.

*What are you spooked by? What are you scared by?

I find spooky places I’ve been spooky (Gilgo Beach, Sweet Hollow Road- places with notorious reputations or hauntings/legends surrounding them), plus the general feelings of being watched, seeing something at the corner of your eye, or the feeling of being followed. Also, I have the need to close my shutters and doors at night before bed when I’m at home because I feel like I’m going to see something staring in at me if I don’t. For what I’m actually scared by? I have a crippling fear of planes and any kind of flying, followed by a lesser fear of ventriloquist dummies (there’s a funny story behind that) and I also despise being upside-down.

*What are your religious beliefs? Do they impact your beliefs in the afterlife?

I identify myself as Catholic, but only as my own definition and my own faith. There are certain aspects of the man-made ideals of the faith that I do not agree with, so I choose to concentrate on the teachings of good ol’ JC to love everyone and treat everyone as equals, rather than anything else. So anyway, I think that the predisposal to a belief in an afterlife makes me more open-minded to a belief in the paranormal.

*What are your favorite horror films? Novels?

I think ‘Halloween’ is the best horror film of all time. But I like a lot of the classics otherwise, as well as some obscure ones- ‘Scream’, ‘Dead Alive’, ‘Shaun of the Dead’ (I like horror comedy more than anything I suppose!), ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ to a degree, etc. I’ve seen pretty much all of the old school horror films but I think most of the ones that come out today can be pretty awful. Stephen King is my favorite author of all time, and my favorite book of all time is ‘IT’. Nothing is better!

*Some stuff about you?

I’m a college-aged Film major spending my time in between Connecticut and Long Island, New York. I love everything weird and spooky. I’ve loved cemeteries especially since I wrote a screenplay taking place in one years ago. Other stuff can be found in my page ‘My Favorite Things’, where I talk in exhaustive detail (sorry) about random crap I like.